A "watermark" is a translucent design impressed on paper during manufacture and visible when the paper is held to the light. It is a mark left intentionally by the manufacturer that demonstrates the origin of the design. The impression made shows its authenticity, that it is not a counterfeit. 

Having been marked by Christ, that mark is made visible as the Light of God shines on us. It is our desire that we, in turn, make a mark for Christ in the Community of Lucedale and beyond. 

A "watermark" is also a mark or impression left after water recedes that proves water has been there. Our passion is that long after we are gone evidence that we (God's people) have been there will remain. We long to make a lasting impression for Christ.

We welcome you to investigate this site to find out more about who we are. We also invite you to join us as we prayerfully pursue God's path in order to make a mark for the glory of Jesus in the world today!


Our mission is to participate with God in his mission to redeem all that is lost and broken through the blood of Jesus. In Christ's life, death, and resurrection, we experience forgiveness of sins and discover love, joy, and peace! These are the things that fuel us to worship the King of kings! In the power of the Holy Spirit we seek to build and nurture relationship with God and each other and love all in word and deed.